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Cambria Zeitgeist - May 2024 (2)

What's happening? What's new? What's going to happen? Cory Doctorow, Ben Wildsmith, Schneier on Security and more..

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What's happening? What's new? What's going to happen?
This week - Ben Wildsmith, Cory Doctorow, BookPost, Schneier on Security and more...

Gift-wrapped power
Ben Wildsmith Less than a week after the English electorate made it clear that the Conservative Party was about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit, Sir Keir Starmer responded by adding a little more Tory to his Labour offering. This time the newcomer is Natalie Elphicke, the MP for Dover. There is a […]
Algorithmic feeds are a twiddler’s playground
“They ‘trust me.’ Dumb fucks.”
Notebook: Books Are Dead! Long Live Books!
by Ann Kjellberg, editor Yes people buy books, but that doesn’t mean the system is working
Four major threats to press freedom in the UK
UK press freedom has come under threat.
AI and the Evolution of Social Media - Schneier on Security
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