About Cambria Stories

Cambria Stories is an independent internet publication that showcases authors published by Cambria Publishing under the Cambria Books imprint. Cambria Zeitgeist by Y Clochydd (the Bellwether) is our analysis and commentary on current affairs in the world and business of publishing as it affects our authors and ourselves.

It is free to view articles/stories if you subscribe using your email address and become a member. If you don't want to become a regular member, you can also pay a small micropayment (via Stripe/Acta) to read our stories.


If you subscribe to our PAID membership tiers then there are REWARDS in the form of eBooks (Silver members), paperback copies (Gold members) or merchandise in addition to access to all the stories.

Authors who provide our serialisations and content benefit financially from paid subscriptions. This is a way of 'publishing' work that doesn't fit into a traditional print publishing format or eBook. It can also help boost an older back catalogue of work and give it new visibility and sales.


Privacy and shop terms of use policies.

Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We are putting in place preventative/protective measures against AI cloning and AI bot scraping.

We have started to add audio to some of our serialisations (using Speechify). We will NOT be using the authentic voices of the author (voice cloning) because of the risks of future AI voice harvesting. We will NEVER accept, write or use AI generated stories (eg.ChatGPT) or AI chatbots for individual communication with writers.

To minimise text harvesting by AI bots, most text/writing will only be accessible by membership granted only by an authentic validated email address and secure login.

We will, however, be using AI generated imagery (eg.MidJourney) to accompany and illustrate some stories (not all) - this practice is now very widespread on reputable online publications such as Medium and Substack. All imagery generated in this way will be captioned/marked as such.

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