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Cambria Zeitgeist - June 2024

What's happening? What's new? What's going to happen? UK election.

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What's Happening? What's New? What's Evil?
This month until July 4th, the news is all about the UK parliamentary election. Y Clochydd will be participating (again) in #dogsatpollstations.

He will be continuing as usual to add to lists of articles of interest for his devoted flock of sheeple - see below.

Has Reform really overtaken the Tories in the polls? And does that mean it could beat them on July 4?
Data from Ukip’s performance in 2017 shows that once a certain tipping point is passed, Reform is indeed a significant threat to the Tories.
The Observer view: manifestos reveal the gulf between the main parties
The Conservatives have no new vision for the next five years and the Liberal Democrats project a qualified optimism, but Labour could eventually prove transformative
Snap polls: week 4
A series of mini-blogs covering public opinion, polling and GE 2024
It’s the End of the Web as We Know It
A great public resource is at risk of being destroyed.
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