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2024 - Y Clochydd Predicts

Relevance and power has shifted decisively from the West to the East. The UK has become 'broken' economically, politically and militarily. The US is undergoing a transformation into a fantasy cultish multiverse.

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Y Clochydd feels in 'his shanks' that 'relevance' and 'power' has shifted decisively from the West to the East. The UK, US and Europe no longer dominate politics, tech, economics or culture. The UK has become 'broken' economically, politically and militarily. Europe is fragmenting back to nation states. The US is undergoing a transformation into a fantasy cultish multiverse.

So it must be China, India, Russia, and Africa where Y Clochydd must look for 'what's next' in the human story. Jungian theory postulates several manifestations of human 'collective unconscious' - which will dominate? We are not all the same.

But for 2024, who or what will be relevant or predicted?

UK Politics

Parliamentary general election. Conservative Rishi Sunak is replaced by Penny Mordaunt as prime minister for an autumn election. Labour wins election with a small majority. Conservatives wiped out in Wales and Scotland.

US Politics

Presidential election. Democrat president Joe Biden stands down in favour of a younger candidate. Donald Trump declines/refuses Republican nomination and stands as an independent. Splits between Republicans and Trump allow a Democrat to win the presidency.


The Russia - Ukraine war will continue sporadically until something happens to President Putin. Possible first use of battlefield nuclear weapons to destroy Kyiv.

Israel will demolish/flatten Gaza and take over the West Bank. Palestinians will end up in large new refugee settlements in Egypt and North East Africa.


2024 will be the year of CBDC - digital currency issued by central banks. Two crypto currencies will become approved legal tender. Cash/cheques no more.


The 'strong' El Niño drives more and fiercer hurricanes and storms. Much melting of ice. Stop/Reversal of the Gulf Stream ocean current = bye bye big Blues off the Carolina coast.

It's a COP out. Billionaires head for their luxury bunkers. 'Climate Migrations' start.


It's a 'Sam dunk' that AI dominates headlines in 2024. AI mass corporate/governmant surveilance using facial recognition/scraping on social media. Mass 'computer say... NO!' on medical insurances/job applications/monetary settlements.

Chinese and Japanese water/hydrogen engines and new battery tech transform the EV markets.


Y Clochydd is not 'cultured' and has been and will be (obsessively) playing video games: 7 Days to Die, Valheim and is looking forward to playing Dune in 2024.

Y Clochydd hasn't read a print book or been in a library, bookshop, theatre, or cinema for many years - these are activities that (in his opinion -ed), may be doomed to extinction in the next few years exacerbated by pandemics, crowd phobia and super tech developments.

Y Clochydd has been reading (for research)

In no particular order, preference or endorsement of views/ideas...

Cory Doctorow, C.G.Jung, Isaac Asimov, Philip K Dick, Alex Berensen, Nick Hilton, Dominic Cummings, Enrique Dans, Steven Moore, Alberto Romero.

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