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Cambria Zeitgeist - July 2024

What's happening? What's new? What's going to happen?

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What's Happening? What's New? What's Evil?
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I never thought I’d argue for rearmament. But a looming Trump presidency changes everything | George Monbiot
A Putin-friendly president would pose a grave danger to Europe. Like it or not, this calls for greater defence, says Guardian columnist George Monbiot
Pro-AI People and Anti-AI People Are Good People
Most hearts are good, including those of your ideological enemies
Voting with my heart
Ben Wildsmith When the crack troops of nondescript centrism descend on my timeline to chide me for failing to leap aboard the Starmer train, their charges are always some combination of the following. ‘Enabling the Tories’ To be honest, anyone capable of enabling the Tories at this stage should be founding a religion based on […]
From apolitical centrists to left-behind patriots, these are six key types of voter that define modern Britain
Navigating the 21st-century electoral map is not straightforward for political parties and the politicians asking for people’s votes.
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