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Articles, Reviews and Comment on books, publishing and writing.


  1. Mini-websites

The latest trend in cost effective promoting and marketing books is using small so-called 'bio' mini websites. These are designed to display and function best on mobile phones and tablets. Live examples we have done recently are; authors John Geraint, Ben Wildsmith and the artist Wendy Powell Jones.

  1. FlipBooks

We have been using interactive digital 'flipbooks' for some time now. These are useful for sending review copies, displaying catalogues and for marketing online. An example can be seen here -

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Clearly, AI is becoming a huge 'thing' in publishing. You can read our reference collection of 30+articles on this topic below.

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A year of Living Dangerously by Del Hughes

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This book should come with a health warning: will cause you to spontaneously guffaw, giggle and involuntary laugh out loud in public. Del’s tales of her adventures are honest, poignant, life-affirming and killer funny. I can’t wait for the sequel!’ Bev Rogers, Gower Lore

Funny, feisty and fearless, this exuberant collection is blessed with both a boundless curiosity and an incurable fascination with the sheer strangeness of human nature.’ Alan BiltonThe End of The Yellow House

In “ A year of living dangerously “ Del Hughes has made the ordinary extraordinary , turning the mundane into the magical and everyday occurances into once In a lifetime events. A truly wonderous journey through a year in these uncertain times that is never less than thoroughly entertaining . Del Hughes has a voice and that voice is very special indeed. A fantastic read..Owen Staton – storyteller 

Before you enjoy Del Hughes’ dangerous adventures it’s best to strap yourself in, as reading about them is quite the roller-coaster ride. You’ll meet druids in unlikely places, immerse yourself in gong baths, and see the future, albeit dimly, in the company of psychic seers. In following her own unorthodox life-enhancement regime she also enhances the lives of her readers. These award-winning features are laceratingly funny but they’re also warm, attentive, and intuitive accounts of putting yourself out there, of being fully open to experiences of all sorts, and of being brave. How brave? Well, having a bloody great tarantula walk over your arm when you have a phobia of spiders. That’s fearless. Hold tight because it’s going to be a wild ride.’  Jon Gower

‘Being lucky enough to have heard some of these adventures from the horses (or should that be stag’s?), mouth over coffee and cake, I can confirm that what you read is what you hear. Del’s unique voice makes her storytelling a joy, and her derring-do means there are few places in this world, or beyond, that her curiosity won’t take her. Here lies magic, mystery, moments of mirth-inducing muckment, and LOLs aplenty. So dive into Del’s world and prepare to be inspired.’ Sarah Morgan Jones

‘Pagan rites, shopping expeditions, child labour, cookery tips, and nostalgia, all mixed with humour. It can only be Del Hughes.Reg, Nation.Cymru reader

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A Year of Living Dangerously - Cambria Books
With her signature blend of wit and warmth, A Year of Living Dangerously presents Del Hughes’ award-winning, Nation.Cymru articles in one hilarious and heart-warming book. Print ISBN 978-1-7384231-3-2 276 Pages with B&W illustrations and photos. Cover by Josh Morgan.

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